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                                                       Bermuda Certified Grasses

CELEBRATION ™ - Celebration™ bermudagrass is selection of bermudagrass chosen specifically for its dark blue-green color, drought tolerance, light-moderate shade tolerance, and reduced production costs. It is similar to Tifway 419, yet it grows vertically at a slower rate. Due to this prostrate growth habit, Celebration™ requires less mowing.

TIFDWARF - Tifdwarf bermuda grass, superior for golf greens, has been equal or superior to Tifgreen on nearly every score. Its leaves hug the ground so closely that a number of them are never cut by the greens mower. This characteristic helps to tolerate a 3/16" cutting height much better than Tifgreen. Its softer leaves and fewer seed heads also contribute to its superior putting qualities. Tifdwarf has a darker green color than Tifgreen and requires less fertilizer to make a comparable degree of greenness. Its basic purple plant color that helps to keep it looking dark green in the summer time becomes very noticeable when temperatures drop in the fall.

TIFEAGLE - (Licensed by USDA/UGA.) TifEagle is a sterile, medium green, finer textured, triploid bermuda grass for golf greens. This variety performs better than most dwarfs at a 1/8" cutting height according to collected data. It has good growth and reduced purpling in cool weather. Observations indicate that TifEagle may have mole cricket non-preference. TifEagle was developed by USDA/ARS and may be produced and sold by licensed producers only. Available only as a certified grass. Patented.

TIFSPORT™ - TifSport™ is a new, improved triploid hybrid with Midiron cold hardiness and Tifway texture and color. TifSport™ has superior cold hardiness when compared to other available fine leaf turfgrasses. It is genetically uniform, tolerant to common herbicides, and provides a high density grass when mowed at ½ inch. The variety has shown mole cricket non-preference in side by side comparisons to Tifway. TifSport™ is licensed by USDA/UGA. May be only sold by licensed producers and is available only as a certified grass. Patented.

TIFWAY - Tifway Bermuda is a chance hybrid between (Cynodon dactylon and C. transvaalensis). Tifway was released to growers of certified sprigs by the Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station in the spring of 1960. Tifway has excellent weed resistance, good disease resistance, spreads faster than Tifgreen, has dark green color and is superior to Tiffine, Tifgreen, and Tiflawn for fairways, tees, lawns, and similar uses.


                                                             PASPALUM Certified Grasses

ALOHA - Aloha has more robust floral morphology and longer flag leaves than Sea Isle I. Aloha has good ground cover and stolon production characteristics. Aloha has a higher level of host plant resistance to aphids, based on antibiosis, than other varieties of Seashore Paspalum.

SEADWARF™ - Seadwarf™ Seashore paspalum is a fine-textured, warm-season, halophytic turf for utilization on golf tees, fairways, athletic fields and lawns, or other areas where a fine-textured, close-mown, high-quality turf surface is desired. Seadwarf™ is adapted to an irrigation regime utilizing a wide range of water quality. The grass performs well with irrigation water quality ranging from fresh water up to 22,000 ppm TDS.

SEA ISLE I - Compared to the variety Adalayd, Sea Isle I has a darker green color, better salt tolerance, higher turf quality and better density. The variety may have more mole cricket damage than Adalayd. The variety is best suited for golf fairways and is vegetatively propagated. The variety is patent protected and will be available only as a Certified grass from licensed growers listed in this directory.

SEA ISLE SUPREME- Sea Isle Supreme is a salt-tolerant, fine bladed seashore paspalum. It is ideal for golf course greens, fairways, tees and roughs. The grass is a very aggressive grower and can be closely mowed to heights of 1/8 inch to 3 inches. Must be propagated vegetatively. Sea Isle Supreme is patented and will be available only as a certified grass from licensed growers in this directory.

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1.  Top Dressing Sands (#180, #200, #220)
 2.  Trap Sand (#100)
 3.  FSS #240 
 4.  Champion Sand
 5.  Green Sand
 6.  Black Sand
 7.  Dark Green Sand
 8.  Double Dye Green Sand
 9.  Top Dressing Sand w/ 4 lbs Charcoal per ton
10.  Top Dressing Sand w/ 6 lbs Charcoal per ton
11.  Top Dressing Sand w/8 lbs Charcoal per ton
12.  95/5 Canadian Peat Top Dressing
13.  90/10 Canadian Peat Top Dressing
14.  85/15 Canadian Peat Top Dressing
15.  80/20 Canadian Peat Top Dressing
16.  90/10 Florida Peat Mix (unscreened)
17.  90/10 Florida Peat Top Dressing (screened)
18.  85/15 Florida Peat Mix (unscreened)
19.  85/15 Florida Peat Top Dressing (screened)
20.  80/20 Florida Peat Mix (unscreened)
21.  80/20 Florida Peat Top Dressing (screened)
22.  70/30 Florida Peat Mix (unscreened)
23.  Tee Mix – 70/30 Florida Peat Top Dressings
24.  60/40 Florida Peat Mix (unscreened)
25.  50/50 Top Soil (unscreened)
26.  90/10 Compost Mix
27.  85/15 Compost Mix
28.  80/20 Compost Mix
29.  70/30 Compost Mix
30.  50/50 Compost Mix
31.  90/10 Compost Top Dressing
32.  85/15 Compost Top Dressing
33.  80/20 Compost Top Dressing
34.  70/30 Compost Top Dressing
Enviro Cal (bulk) full load
   Enviro Cal (incorporated in mix)
FP-95 Top Dressing Sand
      FSS #240 SA Bunker Sand
     37-M Bunker Sand
     37-C Bunker Sand
Rock – ¾ Drain; Pea; Rice; Base; #400 Crushed
Custom Mixes (including additives)
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