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Established 1990
Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Project:Pasadena Park             Construction of two Baseball Fields w/ Irrigation
2007    8815 Pasadena Blvd.
          Pembroke Pines, Florida

Project:Silver Lakes Soccer Complex  Construction of One Soccer Field 
2008    2300 NW 172nd Ave.
          Pembroke Pines, Florida
Project:Pasadena Park             Demolition of existing Baseball Fields then Reconstructed
2008    8815 Pasadena Blvd.       into Regulation Soccer Fields

Scope of Work:
City of Pembroke Pines
10100 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026


  Athletic Field Construction  
  Golf Course Construction/ Renovations

  USGA Greens complex construction

  Tees / Bunkers / Fairways & Cart paths

   ~ Turn-Key Design 
   ~ Laser Grading
   ~ Field Design & Specifications
   ~ Drainage System installation
   ~ Irrigation System installation
   ~ "Big Roll" Sod Installaion
   ~ Sprigging;

      Mechanically planted
      or hand shaken 

   ~ Top dress applications
   ~ Maintenance & Fertility Programs