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Established 1990
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Our Services
By making use of the most up-to-date technology and the latest methods in golf and sports field construction and design, DST Inc. is able to offer extensive experience in the design and construction of your project needs.
Planning & Design
Let our experienced personnel who share a combined 45 years of experience in Golf & Sports Turf construction – assist in the planning and design of your Golf or Athletic project. From your school, college, university or parks to Golf and Country Clubs. We can handle it all.
As your contractor, we can oversee each phase of the construction project.
Using our state-of-the-art laser technology and equipment, DST Sports Turf Construction,Inc. can perform renovations and repair work on your sports field, Tee's or Polo fields to correct any drainage problems and correct any slope problems your currently experienceing.
Laser Grading
Recognized in the industry as a leader in adopting laser technology to sports field design and construction, DST's ,  innovative approach to laser grading helps us design and grade fields without the uneven surfaces common to sports fields of the past, allowing for smooth surfaces with proper and efficient drainage.
Our services also include an analysis of your site's irrigation needs and requirements, for which we can design a plan specifically tailored to your needs that will provide the optimal watering for your field. Our irrigation installations are conducted according to the highest-quality specifications, and we can provide warranted services as needed.
From Big Roll to Sprig installation, our Certified Turf grasses are guaranteed to be of a true variety and free of weeds. Our selection of grasses are in use at a wide range of sites, including commercial and residential properties, athletic fields, and golf courses.
As a component of our services in both new field construction and existing field renovation, we work actively to promote the proper grow-in of our projects with great attention to weed control, fertilizing, watering and mowing.
  • Athletic Field Construction  
                   & Renovations
  • Golf Course Construction
                   & Renovations
  • Shaping


  • Turf Establishment
  • USGA Drainage System
  • Field Fumigation
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Laser Leveling
  • Complete Maintenance

- “Big Roll” & Slab
- Sprigging Services
- Seed bed preparation
- Hydro-Seeding
- Top-Dress Application xt.